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Turnkey Laboratory Solutions

When planning a turn-key laboratory, it is always best to have one company in charge of the coordination. This increases efficiency and helps in attaining the desired outcome. TS is aware that dealing with one company smoothes the progress of the project as a whole, and helps keep the client updated regularly. Under TS management, all vendors must meet the same high standards.

Delivering a turn-key laboratory means assisting the client from the first steps on and gives support for the entire process. TS offers only one partner, who is sole point of contact to handle all aspects related with planning of utilities, selection of laboratory elements, construction, planning, selection of suitable laboratory furniture, best possible analytical instrument, in balance with performance and price.

Accordingly TS Turn-key laboratory solutions are guided by our professionals with many years of experience in the field of Laboratories.


  • Identifying needs of customer and designing a solution to meet standards.
  • Type of Labs.
  • Dry & Partition Walls
  • Storage requirement?
  • Site Measurements (Door & Window locations)
  • Fixed connections
  • Environmental Analysis

    First of all the clients’ needs and wishes have to be defined and, concerning to an efficient aim realization, they have to finalize. Study of equipment & function of labs, maximizing the space and are or research, endorsing the current regulations.

  • How many work benches needed?
  • Which function shall the particular work bench fulfill?
  • Storage requirement?
  • Movable / fixed furniture?
  • Which guidelines / world standards to be consider?
  • Which budget is available?

Safety, accessibility and utilization are the most important factors to consider when developing a highly functional laboratory.

Our lab planner or architect creates the safest and most functional layout for your facility.

TS with extensive experience will guide you through such critical issues as selecting the correct chemical fume hood, mechanical interface, safely storing and using chemicals, emergency considerations and safety equipment.

We work closely with Clients’ project architects, facilities engineers, lab managers and end users to develop a plan to meet everyone's needs.

  • Parameters of Labs. to be considered.
  • Objectives (Customer needs & wishes)
  • Work surface material selection & Work place plan
  • Required Equipment’s Locations & load calculation
  • Required Services locations (Different type of Gases, Air, Electric, water, Drain etc.)
  • 2D & 3D drawings for visualization (Plan Layouts & Elevations)

We deal with the design, construction, and maintenance.

  • Concrete repairing works.
  • Masonry and Painting works.
  • Internal Partition Work (Different Type of Partition Works)
  • Flooring (Different Type of Flooring Solutions)
  • Ceiling (Different Type of Ceiling Solutions)
  • Modification and Extension works.
  • Underground water and septic tanks.
  • Thermal protection and water proofing works.
  • Finishing and Retouching works.

We specialize in handling all types of Medium and Low voltage line cabling works, sub-stations and Generator installations, all industrial electrical winding and General maintenance works.

  • Cable Management System “CMS” PVC & GI Steel.
  • Cable laying, termination and testing.
  • Electrical panel & Control Panel installation.
  • Wiring Devices “Switches & Sockets”
  • Protection, battery charger and UPS installation.
  • Indoor and Outdoor lightning distribution system.
  • Grounding and lightening protection system.
  • Installation, maintenance and extension of lighting distribution and low power systems.
  • Installation of emergency power generator system.
  • Electrical Allied Accessories
  • Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Grounding Lightning Protection

Low Current System infrastructure is a central part of any new building construction from residential, hotel, commercial complexes, or smart-university campuses. At Medcon we design and install the Low Current Systems infrastructure to meet our customers needs by using a broad range of computational tools. The low current systems usually comprise a variety of sub-systems like;

  • IT Infrastructure
  • CCTV & Access Control System
  • Fire Alarm System & Public Address System
  • Intercom System & Audiovisual System
  • Master Clock & Door Lock (Card / Finger Print)
  • Parking Management System & Intrusion Detection System
  • Nurses Call System & BMS Systems
  • Queuing System & Mobile Jammers
  • TV & Digital Signage Systems & Intrusion Systems
  • Satellite System (CATV, MATV, IPTV)

HVAC systems designed by our team have a top record of quality, energy-saving, and budget-friendly. We have succeeded in introducing many effective systems and operating them with a high degree of quality and perfection. Medcon provides professional mechanical works with a strong engineering background. We will provide the best HVAC solutions, alongside our partners we have successfully completed many specialized projects including;

  • Chilled water systems (Air cooled / Water cooled)
  • Boilers (Steam & Water)
  • Split, & Package Units
  • Air Handling Units, Ventilation & Air Filtration
  • Fan Coil Units Systems & Cassette Solutions
  • Central DX / VRV Systems / VAV Systems
  • Car Parking Ventilation Systems
  • Smoke Ventilation & Management
  • Control Systems & Concealed Ceiling
  • Pre - fabricated modular solutions 
  • Ducting, Insulations, Grilles & Dampers
  • Critical Env. Airflow Monitoring & Control Systems for Hospitals

Knowing the demanding requirements of health care plumbing systems and the technical challenges specific to each hospital, as well as relevant codes and standards, will aid facilities personnel in maintaining these unique systems and fixtures.

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) system (For Dialysis Patients)
  • Lab. Backflow Arrester (Prevent Water to backflow)
  • Hot Water & Drain System for CSSD
  • Pathology Labs. (Pure, Ulta Pure, Deionized water)
  • Emergency Shower (Eye Wash & Emergency Shower)
  • Surgeons Scrub Sinks outside OR are with Deep basin & special faucet
  • Piping (Copper, SS, PVC, CPVC, PEX, PP)
  • Wastewater Drainage (Basins, Showers, Baths, Sinks, Floor Drains)
  • Soil Water Drainage (Human Waste, WC, Urinals, Baby Washing)
  • Storm Water Drainage (Rain, Sprinkler Water, Bib Tap Discharge)
  • Chemical Drainage (From Laboratory, Need to be Neutralize)
  • Radiation Drainage (Oncology Area, Hot Labs.)
  • Infectious Contaminated Drainage (Biohazardous discharge)

Medcon Provide Best Products & Services Related to Security & Safety of Individuals and Property. To achieve this it requires better Planning which includes Early Warning, Fire Detection System.
We have inhouse team who can design & Execute Projects as per the norms of Saudi Civil Defense Organization.

  • Preparing Engineering Drawings & Hydraulic Calculations for the system Extinguishing the fire, based on Saudi Code NFPA
  • Early warning system for Regular & Addressable Fire
  • Automatic & Manual Extinguishing Systems
  • Water Sprinklers Systems (Warehouses, Hospitals, Offices, Factories)
  • Water Immersion / Deluge System (Power Plants)
  • FM200 Extinguishing Systems (Equipment's safety)
  • CO2 Systems (Power Plants, Electrical Distribution)
  • Dry Powder System (Factories, Stores, Chemicals)
  • Chemical Foam Systems (Oil Installations, Airports, Chem. Stores)
  • Fire Hoses System (Public Protection of the Building)
  • Fire Emergency Doors

Laboratories and projects that revolve around labs are complex. Hence it is often essential that a reliable partner supports you actively in the implementation of your undertaking.
We plan your complete lab beginning with the Laboratory Building through lab furniture and analysis systems to media supplies and building services systems.
However, the lab does not always have to be built newly from scratch. We support you likewise, if you plan to extend or modernize an existing laboratory. Some examples for project scenarios are as follows:

  • Planning & turnkey realization of a new Lab building
  • Reconstruction resp. modernization of an existing lab
  • Extension of an existing lab
  • Creation of tender documents for the realization of a new lab
  • Planning & realization of a lab container complex

Industries are busy places since they are designed to handle a high volume of patients, and yet, they must be designed with common sense so that they can work efficiently. There are certain medical design principles that modern hospitals rely on to ensure the safety of their patients.

  • Design, Planning & Engineering
  • Detailing on Material, Color, Functionality etc.
  • Different Type of Partitions (Gypsum, Wooden, Glass etc.)
  • Flooring (Vinyl, Epoxy, Ceramic, Raised etc.)
  • Ceiling (Gypsum Plain, Tiles, Walkable & Decorated Ceiling)
  • Walls (Cladding, Painting, Decorated Pannels etc.)
  • Doors (Many Type of Doors)
  • Windows (Many Type of Windows)
  • Window Blinds (Many types)
  • Wall Stickers (Corporate Identity)
  • Signage
  • Toilet Cubicles
  • Restaurant Furniture

Once the Scope of Work is defined for no. of Labs., Lab. Furniture, Civil & EM works etc. then the most important part is to integrate all these task by utilizing a variety of tools, skilled technicians, defined objectives and proper project management.
In this highly sensitive step of consolidation of all involved parties, a huge coordination is needed in order to ensure that the project ends smoothly.
We at TS has vast experience in this field which helps us not only identifying critical situation but also finding solutions with our expertise.

    After signing the contract, there are multiple process involved before & after the project take off.

  • Converting the cost estimate as presented in the bid into a project budget, and setting up mechanisms for accountability & implementation of the budget.
  • Mobilization of resources (Capital & labour)
  • Appointing project managers / project supervisors for managing the project.
  • Fulfilling procedural & contractual obligations during each phase of the project.
  • Setting milestones and leading race against time of each phase.
  • Maintaining proper documentation to ensure quality & smooth workflow.

Training is provided by experts in the field. The first training takes place after commissioning in the laboratory.

Operators learn more when they are given “hands on” training on their own equipment.

A network of sales & service staff, we provide extensive customer support